Benefits of Physical Education

Quality physical education is important for children and should not be taken lightly. Nowadays children are spending less time playing outside instead, they are constantly on their gadgets and not engaging in any physical activity. It has been proven that children who spend a few hours engaging in physical activity per day are at a lower risk of becoming obese and grow healthy. Coming up with physical education programs is the first step. Implementing them into PE Lessons is the second. The following are some of the benefits of physical education to children.

1. Improves judgment and concentration

Physical activity improves concentration, memory and alertness in class. These children’s academic and cognitive performance improves. Their decision-making skills also become better. This is because physical activity has a direct effect on brain function.

2. Improves their self-esteem

Physical education makes children feel empowered and teaches them to take care of themselves. When they feel empowered, they become confident, assertive and independent. They will not let anyone look down on them especially bullies in school.

3. Instils self-discipline and improves fitness

Endurance during PE Lessons is an important skill that teaches them self-discipline. Aside from that, their fitness levels improve making them energetic and eager to learn. They are also motivated to get tasks done including assignments and other extracurricular activities.

4. Encourages socialization

When children play in teams, it encourages them to interact among themselves. This strengthens their relationships outside the classroom. It also encourages to be competitive.

5. It reduces stress

Exercise helps children to cope with stress. It is also an outlet for tension and anxiety. They are less likely to be depressed as compared to those that do not engage in physical activity.

Now that you know some of the benefits of incorporating PE into your children’s academic curriculum, you can also take an extra step to encourage your children to be active even at home. Be a role model by playing a couple of games with them as a family.